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I ordered 3 of these for gifts for our Ushers - Didn't want to spend lots of money but liked the idea of these... WOW! I am so so so pleased with them! They look such good quality I am going to order my Groom one too! Delivery couldn't of been quicker! And watches coem with spare battery! Great product & Service! Very chuffed! Thank you! - Louise Tanner
“Bought this for my mum for xmas with an engraved message. The delivery was much quicker than I would have expected! The Hip Flask has such a nice finish and the message was exactly as I was hoping. I cant recommend this company enough! Will be using again. Thank you engraving excellence! Jason - South Yorkshire” - Jason O
“I ordered this trinket box as a gift for my wedding to our witness and I love it. Got it engraved too which makes it extra special. Lovely gift idea - thank you” - Alice

Why Buy Engraved Hip Flasks?

Hip flasks for some people are an essential item to have. They are typically used to store spirits of some kind or any other type of liquid for that matter, and then carried in the hip pocket. Depending on the individual though, these circumstances can vary. For instance, it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to carry a hip flask in her handbag. However the hip flask is used and by whom, it can be made that much more special if it includes a personal message from the donor. Engraved hip flasks can be fun, but they can also be sentimental items to last a lifetime.

Engraved Gifts For Her

There?s a common assumption that the primary target market for hip flasks is men, who may take them to a wide range of sporting and social functions. However, increasingly, engraved gifts hip flasks are becoming an attractive addition to women?s handbags and shoulder bags. This is why you will find that many retailers cater specifically to the female market when it comes to stocking hip flasks engraved. While men?s flasks are, inevitably, simple and stylish, even masculine in design, there is now a full array of delightful engraved hipflasks suitable for the female purse. Some are girly and feminine in every sense, coming in pretty pinks and soft blues, and in deference to the size of the average handbag, they will also come in smaller sizes. It?s so that it can be accommodated more easily than the generous 8oz version which is typically used by men. Hip flasks are perfect for a girl?s night out, and for reference, an ounce is around a single measure of spirits. A typical 6oz flask will therefore be capable of holding up to six shots of any drink, so capacity is an important feature to bear in mind when shopping for one. If the woman in your life would prefer a more discreet or toned-down hip flask, there are definitely options of this sort available, from a classy gold colouring to a plain black and white floral design, for instance. However, if you are still having trouble deciding which flask to get her, then consider the kinds of occasions on which she will be using it and pick one that matches the tone of that type of event.

Planning Your Wedding? Consider A Best Man Hip Flask Engraved To Make It Special

We all know planning weddings can be stressful, and even more so the big day itself. There is a long-standing tradition that the bride and groom show their appreciation for the support they have received on their special day by giving small token gifts to those who have been involved. This can cover the bridesmaids, the ushers, the fathers of the bride and groom and particularly the best man. The latter?s role is not only important in terms of moral support. He is also the keeper of the all-important rings and may have spent months struggling over his speech for the reception! What better way to thank him than to present him with a best man hip flask engraved gifts for men with details of the wedding and perhaps a message of appreciation? This is something he can show off to the other guests all night, but with the added benefit of being able to keep and treasure it for the rest of his life. It will undoubtedly remind him of the amazing day he had and the vital role he had to play in helping the groom celebrate his marriage. As with the ladies? hip flasks mentioned above, you?ll find that there is a wealth of choice available, so the one you choose can even be colour-coordinated to go with your entire wedding?s colour theme. To ensure you purchase an engraved hipflask worthy of the occasion, find a reliable seller with a good reputation for quality engraving work. Try Engraving Excellence, a specialist business in the engraved gifts field, including for weddings.

Affordable And Top Quality Engraved Hip Flasks Available At Engraving Excellence

If engraved hip flasks appeal to you as being a gift choice that is a little bit different, for the lady in your life, your best friend or indeed anyone who may have cause to use one, why not take a look at Engraving Excellence?s website at http://www.engraving-excellence.co.uk/? We specialise in selling beautiful engraved gifts of a reassuringly high quality. Place your order today, or contact us via telephone if you have any questions about our products or our engraving service. Simply call 0121 448 0416. With free engraving and fast delivery, our focus is on customer satisfaction, every time.

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