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I ordered 3 of these for gifts for our Ushers - Didn't want to spend lots of money but liked the idea of these... WOW! I am so so so pleased with them! They look such good quality I am going to order my Groom one too! Delivery couldn't of been quicker! And watches coem with spare battery! Great product & Service! Very chuffed! Thank you! - Louise Tanner
“Bought this for my mum for xmas with an engraved message. The delivery was much quicker than I would have expected! The Hip Flask has such a nice finish and the message was exactly as I was hoping. I cant recommend this company enough! Will be using again. Thank you engraving excellence! Jason - South Yorkshire” - Jason O
“I ordered this trinket box as a gift for my wedding to our witness and I love it. Got it engraved too which makes it extra special. Lovely gift idea - thank you” - Alice

Engraved Hipflasks - A Few Pointers

As you may or may not know, hip flasks are a quality item that have long been a part of our culture and as such they have a certain sense of style and their own kind of etiquette. If engraved hipflasks happen to interest you, then here are a few facts you may like to know about them.

The hip flask as we think of it today began to appear primarily in Georgian times, but it was in the Victorian era that they began to become a very popular item. A hip flask was seen as an artefact of the wealthy and the upper classes in these eras; but this association has dissipated in more recent times. However, the sense of decorum connected with hip flasks is still with us. Those who decide to buy engraved hip flasks tend to do so to mark only the most prestigious occasions, and usually for people they have a deep bond or connection with, like an old friend or a beloved family member. Hip flasks are intended as either smart accessories to formal attire or as something to use when accompanying or giving salutation to a speech, at a wedding for example. The standard hip flask contains about four to five pub measures of spirits and so the alcohol contained is intended for ceremonious use rather than intoxication. These amazing engraved gifts carry a sense of prestige and tailor-made quality and will make a special purchase with a tangible history to them. All in all, they will be the perfect present for many people on many occasions.

Here at Engraving Excellence, we know how unique and special a sense of occasion is and we make engraved hipflasks that will match. To find one that suits you best, why not get in touch? Head to our website http://www.engraving-excellence.co.uk/ and have a look at the full catalogue of our fantastic products.

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