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I ordered 3 of these for gifts for our Ushers - Didn't want to spend lots of money but liked the idea of these... WOW! I am so so so pleased with them! They look such good quality I am going to order my Groom one too! Delivery couldn't of been quicker! And watches coem with spare battery! Great product & Service! Very chuffed! Thank you! - Louise Tanner
“Bought this for my mum for xmas with an engraved message. The delivery was much quicker than I would have expected! The Hip Flask has such a nice finish and the message was exactly as I was hoping. I cant recommend this company enough! Will be using again. Thank you engraving excellence! Jason - South Yorkshire” - Jason O
“I ordered this trinket box as a gift for my wedding to our witness and I love it. Got it engraved too which makes it extra special. Lovely gift idea - thank you” - Alice

What Is An Engraved Pocket Watch?

A pocket watch is by definition is a watch on a chain and its purpose is to be placed in the pocket of a jacket or waistcoat. A pocket watch can in fact be carried in any item of clothing, handbag or purse. An engraved pocket watch and engraved compact mirror is similar, although much more personal piece of jewellery. This item can be both bought for oneself or as a thoughtful and very sentimental gift to a loved one. You will be able to have whatever message you want engraved onto the watch, personalising it 100% to the recipient.

Why Engraved Gifts Are Great For Kids

Engraved gifts like a pocket watch are a fantastic option simply because they allow a special message to be engraved onto a piece of jewellery, and then that piece can be kept for the rest of their life. That is why they are a popular gift to give to kids. Whether you are their parents, godparents, auntie, uncle or grandparents, by giving them such an item they will always have something to remember you by, and preserve memories of times you spent together when they were younger. Children can also find these items enjoyable, as they will feel excited by the unique nature of a gift which is inscribed with their own name. Since they are children, it is important to select an engraved pocket watch UK that it timeless in style, looks good, and preferably is catered to their tastes. Fortunately, there is a wide range of such items on the market, available in gold, stainless steel, silver and other materials. Watches are also designed to look differently. Some are made to be more appealing towards girls and others to boys, with the faces of the watches having different colours, pink and blue for example. Can you imagine a little girl?s face light up when she unwraps her presents and sees an engraved gifts pocket watch with her name, date of birth and with a baby pink face on it? I do not know who would enjoy the present more, the little girl or the person giving her the gift ? because she is sure to be delighted with it.

Pocket Watches Engraved For All Types Of People

Pocket watches are in fact great gifts for every recipient on any occasion, and not least if you make a little extra investment of time and have those pocket watches engraved. No matter who you are purchasing the pocket watch engraved UK for, there will be a suitable option amid the sheer number of styles they are produced in. They can come in silver mirror or gold finishes, for example. Some are produced to look modern, while others evoke traditional styles, which are extremely appealing to many, as they have a sense of history about them. There are still more choices, as the insides of the cases can have contrasting tooling and even Roman or Arabic numerals on the face. Then there is the chain, which will usually come in the same colour metal as the actual watch so that it keeps it looking sleek. It is also worth considering how the watch will be presented to the recipient: does it come in a nice gift bag or presentation box to give the pocket watch along with? If so, this will make the present feel extra special. If you think it?s appropriate, you can even look for a watch that has fluorescent highlights on the face and hands, so that the time is easier to read, especially in low light situations. Engraving Excellence offers such a huge range, including the options mentioned, that you?re sure to find an engraved pocket watch that will appeal both to you and to the recipient.

Purchase A Stunning Engraved Pocket Watch From Engraving Excellence

If you are searching for a beautiful engraved pocket watch, then you need to look no further than our company, Engraving Excellence. We specialise in personalised engraved gifts of all kinds and are experts in what we do. Why not take a look through our entire selection of pocket watches by visiting our website, http://www.engraving-excellence.co.uk/? If you have any queries about our products or our free engraving service, speak to us by calling 0121 448 0416 today. Our customer service team aims to provide an excellent service and will answer all of your queries.

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