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I ordered 3 of these for gifts for our Ushers - Didn't want to spend lots of money but liked the idea of these... WOW! I am so so so pleased with them! They look such good quality I am going to order my Groom one too! Delivery couldn't of been quicker! And watches coem with spare battery! Great product & Service! Very chuffed! Thank you! - Louise Tanner
“Bought this for my mum for xmas with an engraved message. The delivery was much quicker than I would have expected! The Hip Flask has such a nice finish and the message was exactly as I was hoping. I cant recommend this company enough! Will be using again. Thank you engraving excellence! Jason - South Yorkshire” - Jason O
“I ordered this trinket box as a gift for my wedding to our witness and I love it. Got it engraved too which makes it extra special. Lovely gift idea - thank you” - Alice

Mens Engraved Gifts And The History Behind Them

Mens engraved gifts are increasingly popular these days, and many people buy them without thinking of the long tradition behind them. Engravings have a lengthy history, especially in western cultures, and every bit as much so for men as for women. Here is a brief insight into the history behind engraving.

Many years ago, people engraved items not only so they could make the item or gift that little bit more sentimental, but also to give the item a certain value. Once engraved, the item becomes unique and one of a kind in its own way. Men would engrave their name or message to utensils, smoking pipes, watches, and many more practical items. Women would have sentimental items such as lockets and rings engraved as love tokens. Engraved gifts for men would not only look more personal, but a famous family name on it would also add a value. Think of it as a collector would ? the engraved gifts for men would be far more precious, because the engraving itself denotes who owned and used that item in the past. In certain cases, engraved items can even give us new insights into historic events by telling us who they belonged to and give us an idea of their social status. Engraved items were also used for identification and ownership purposes ? a stolen golden pocket watch with its owner?s name written on it would be quite hard to sell on for money, for instance. These days, it?s more about marking a special occasion and showing someone you love them ? still a great reason to invest in an engraved gift for a friend or relative.

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