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I ordered 3 of these for gifts for our Ushers - Didn't want to spend lots of money but liked the idea of these... WOW! I am so so so pleased with them! They look such good quality I am going to order my Groom one too! Delivery couldn't of been quicker! And watches coem with spare battery! Great product & Service! Very chuffed! Thank you! - Louise Tanner
“Bought this for my mum for xmas with an engraved message. The delivery was much quicker than I would have expected! The Hip Flask has such a nice finish and the message was exactly as I was hoping. I cant recommend this company enough! Will be using again. Thank you engraving excellence! Jason - South Yorkshire” - Jason O
“I ordered this trinket box as a gift for my wedding to our witness and I love it. Got it engraved too which makes it extra special. Lovely gift idea - thank you” - Alice

Personalised Engraved Gifts For Him - How To Care For Them

No one can doubt the excitement of receiving a truly special gift, not least if it is one of the range of personalised engraved gifts for him. But certain gifts need to be looked after to maintain their appearance and functionality. It?s usually a simple matter of knowing the best way.

Whether it is made out of glass, leather, metal, silver or gold, each item requires its own aftercare depending on the type of material used. Some engraved gifts require more care than the others, but if you want it to stay as pristine as possible, you need to research your options. If one of the engraved gifts for men that you received is coated with silver, it may be more scratch resistant than other materials. But it has its own issues ? over time, silver can oxidise, leaving a greenish, burnt-like coat. If the engraving is made on silver, you have to take extra care when polishing it, so as not to erase the engraving completely in the long run. Special products for silver polishing are available, if you prefer, or, you can choose an alternative such as a hot air treatment. If you have received a leather product, there are plenty of options available to slow down the aging process. However, unlike metal, leather succumbs to deterioration faster, so keeping leather products dry by removing them before bathing or washing up will help keep them from snapping. Glass is by far the easiest option to look after, but be sure not to put it into a dishwasher ? some engravings can be delicate, and there?s a risk they could be damaged in the machine.

Personalised engraved gifts are a great choice, but be sure to check the appropriate aftercare if you want them to last. Choosing a reliable seller is also vital, and we at Engraving Excellence offer quality and a selection like no other. To check out our stock and learn more about engraving, visit our website - http://www.engraving-excellence.co.uk/ today.

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