Set of 36 Wooden Pegs
Set of 36 Wooden Pegs
Set of 36 Wooden Pegs
Set of 36 Wooden Pegs
Set of 36 Wooden Pegs
Set of 36 Wooden Pegs
Set of 36 Wooden Pegs

Set of 36 Wooden Pegs

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About This Item


These 36 wooden pegs are ideal for crafting your own event decoration, whether it's to clip the peg on a wedding invitation, hanging pictures or simply for hanging your clothes, these engraved pegs are fantastic for labelling!

Product Features / Specifications

  • A set of 36 of light wood pegs
  • Suitable for laser engraving - Please read our engraving instructions below for best results
  • A great way to hang your clothes in style!
  • Ideal for art creations, party buntings and many more!
  • Also, it's a great fun housewarming gift for your relatives or friends!
  • 1 peg measures approximately: 7.2 cm high, 1.3 cm wide and 1 cm deep - (But, please note that the pegs may be slightly thinner or thicker, due to being a natural product).
  • Made out of natural wood
  • With a metal spring for easy opening.
  • Supplied in a black velveteen pouch

Engraving Information

On this item, we recommend engraving 1 line of text with a maximum of 15 characters, any more and the text will be really small. 

We recommend engraving in Arial font.

Due to the item size, we only laser engrave one text on all 36 pegs


Please be aware that, because it's a natural product, the colour of the wood differs from one another, therefore this can change the tone of the engraving of each peg.