Business Card Holders

Beautifully Engraved Business Card Holders

Personalised business card holders are an amazing gift, and a sure-fire way to set you apart in a meeting room or conference. Engraving Excellence offers a wide range of engraved business card holders for every personality, style and need.

Our range includes traditional steel business card holders in stainless steel, a luxurious gold plated business card holder for a luxurious gift, and a range of fun and unique business card holders for someone who looks to make a statement.

Steel Business Card Holders

Our steel business card holders are perfect for a variety of events, and can be engraved with a name, a message, or contact details to make them extremely personal and professional. Our business card holders also make wonderful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. Engraving Excellence offers everything from traditional, plain business card holders to handy business card holders featuring a notepad and pen.

Personalised Business Card Holders

As with the rest of our range, our finely crafted gold plated business card holder can be engraved with your name or message to create a perfectly personalised, thoughtful gift with a touch of luxury. Whilst maintaining the traditional shape and sleek design of a standard steel card holder, our gold plated business card holder is the ideal gift for anyone who wishes to stand out in the crowd.

For the busy gift recipient, a business card holder needs to be multifunctional. Our notepad card holder features a slot for your business cards, as well as a useful notepad and a small pen which keeps the holder closed. This card holder can be engraved with your name or message, so it’s the perfect gift for anyone who travels for business, needs to jot down information frequently, or just as a useful card holder to keep information handy.



Trendy Business Card Holders

Perfect for the artist or entrepreneur in your life, our range of personalised business card holders also features trendy business card holders in a wide range of colours and styles, including red aluminium card holders and personalised business card holders with crystal hearts.  

trendy business card holders

Our selection of crystal business card holders is perfect for someone who loves a little bit of sparkle, or those who operate a gifts shop or work in the beauty industry, for example. We offer crystal card holders in a variety of designs, including a crystal heart design, and a minimalist square design. Our minimalist square design is the perfect gift for someone who loves understated sparkle, but still wants to make a striking impact at any event.

An engraved business card holder is an ideal gift, and our line of fashionable card holders is great for people who love to stand out with bright colours or stylish designs.  Our vibrant aluminium business card holders also have multiple compartments to make it easier to separate cards by industry, importance or design, so you always have access to the things you need most. They’re highly functional, and very attractive.


The Importance of Business Card Holders

Engraved business card holders are an essential for anyone who attends conferences, travels for work and are an integral marketing tool for any professional or tradesperson. Widely used for centuries, the business card is vital, and we can trace the roots of business cards back to 15th century China, where business cards were used as calling cards to signal an arrival for business or even royalty.

Over the years, business cards have gained momentum as being an important asset to the marketing arsenal of professionals, and it’s only right that business card holders are used to keep them secure and neat. The majority of business cards are printed on high quality paper, in a myriad of colours and styles and with varying degrees of thickness. When stored in a pocket or wallet, business cards can become crumpled or even torn, resulting in a negative first impression of you and your business.

Giving the gift of a business card holder helps to ensure that the quality of the recipients business cards are always of a high standard, and reinforces the professionalism of giving out business cards at an event. Business card holders can even be used to store other people’s cards, and to make sure they don’t get lost, and is a better way to present your cards than using your pocket or an old wallet.

Arguably, the way that you present a business card is just as important, if not more important, than the design of the card itself. A luxurious gold plated business card holder or vibrant red aluminium card holder says quite a lot about the owner and how seriously they take their business and colleagues, and offers a talking point for new acquaintances. An engraved business card holder is an ideal way to showcase your brand in a subtle way, and show the recipient just how much you care about them and their business needs.

As with any gift, a personalised business card holder is incredibly thoughtful, and is a gift that can last a life time with the right care, and Engraving Excellence offer a wide range of business card holders to suit every gifting requirement.

The History of Business Cards

As we’ve briefly covered, business cards can be traced back as early as the 15th century in China. These cards were important to announce the arrival of a guest, or even royalty, and were more akin to a courtesy message to inform the recipient of an arrival.

Perhaps the first instance of what we now consider to be a business card could be traced to ‘trade cards’ in 17th century England. These square pieces of card were used to advertise products and services, and ‘calling cards’ were also common during this period. A ‘calling card’ was much like the Chinese cards in the 15th century – used to inform of an arrival, rather than to advertise.

Over the years, business cards have experienced a wide array of different trends and styles, and whereas business cards were often given rather ceremoniously, card etiquette has evolved. Giving a business card to a new or old acquaintance can be an important affair, however they’re normally given before, during, or after a meeting in order to retain information about possible business partners, friends, or simply those looking to exchange services.

Business cards can also be exchanged during trade shows or other trade events, and are often accompanied with other promotional materials such as flyers, leaflets or brochures.