Engraved cufflinks are a genuinely thoughtful personalised wedding gift idea or a bespoke birthday present. Our selection of finely crafted engraved cufflinks comes in a range of styles and designs to suit every personality. Browse our beautifully engraved cufflinks here.

Engraved cuff links are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. They are both stylish and functional, and are a wonderful gift to give to the special man in your life. Traditionally, cuff links are worn as part of formal attire, such as for a job interview or a wedding, and they maintain their status as a luxurious gift for any man. Personalised cuff links are incredibly personal, and are a gift that will be worn for years to come and highly cherished.

For an exceptionally special occasion like a wedding, giving engraved cuff links as a gift is a great idea. Cuff links are also an ideal gift for milestone birthdays, or for graduations. Due to the importance of quality cuff links in a man’s formalwear, it’s incredibly thoughtful to give someone personalised cuff links when they reach eighteen or graduate from university. Much like a hip flask, a pair of cuff links can celebrate a milestone in someone’s life, and will be a personal reminder of the event.

We offer cuff links in a wide range of styles and colours, including round, square and rectangular, and in gold and silver. Our range has the perfect set for any style and personality, and our computerised engraving ensures a clean marking on every item, even on items as small as cuff links.

Why Choose Engraved Cuff Links?

Engraved Cufflinks

Engraved cuff links are an excellent gift idea for men who like to add a touch of luxury to their accessories line up. Engraved gold cuff links are the epitome of class and can add a splash of fun to an otherwise monochrome suit or outfit. We offer a range of gold cuff links in a variety of styles, including rectangular and square. Our gold and silver plated cuff links are the best of both worlds, and have a unique silver edge to make a statement, especially when worn with a black suit. This stylish pair of cuff links can be engraved with a name, a date, or other small message to really commemorate a special occasion. They make a wonderful gift, and are an ideal, distinctive gift for businessmen, executives, and those who love luxury.

Crystal Cufflink The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

Whilst some prefer gold cuff links, personalised silver cuff links are also an excellent gift, especially for those who prefer a more subtle glimmer of sparkle with their formalwear. We offer silver cuff links in a variety of designs and styles to suit every need, including round, square, oval, and rectangular cuff links.

Our crystal inset cuff links are a wonderful gift idea for men who like a little sparkle, and they are incredibly high quality. These personalised crystal cuff links have a brushed steel centre with a chrome surround, and a delicate crystal in the corner. They can be engraved with a small message to truly make them stand out.

When engraved, cuff links become more than just a pair of cuff links. Personalised cuff links are a genuinely thoughtful gift that will always put a smile on the recipients face, and make an excellent reminder of a wedding, corporate achievement, or birthday.

Engraved Cuff Links from Engraving Excellence

Engraved Cuff-links


If you are looking to purchase engraved cuff links for a loved one, Engraving Excellence has a wide range of cuff links to choose from. From traditional, silver and gold cuff links to more trendy, luxurious cuff links with silver borders and crystals, there is something for everyone in our range.

Our master engraver uses computerised machine engraving to ensure a crisp, clean engraving on every pair of personalised cuff links that we offer. Dispatched from our West Midlands, UK warehouse, all orders are sent via Royal Mail to ensure quick and safe delivery of your gifts.


History of Cuff Links

Cuff links appeared first in the 1600s, though they did not become common until around the end of the 18th century. Their development is almost parallel to the development of men’s shirts, and although styles and methods of manufacturing have changed throughout the years, the concept of cuff links has remained the same.
After the Middle Ages, visible areas of the shirts worn by men became blank canvases for decorative elements such as frills and embroidery. Neck cuffs were held together with ribbons, which could be seen as an early precursor to neckties, and sleeves were often ended with a simple ribbon, or a connected pair of buttons. In the 19th century, men often wore a more conventional wardrobe, consisting of a dark suit by day and a dinner jacket or tailcoat in the evening. By the middle of the 19th century, what we would now consider to be cuff links rose in popularity, and the shirt front as well as the sleeve cuffs were all made sturdier. 
From the mid-19th century onwards, cuff links became more popular than ever as the upper classes wore cuff links to secure their sleeves without the need for over-starching their cuffs. With the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing methods improved and mass produced cuff links became popular with the masses, and they were available in almost every price bracket.
Through the 1900s, cuff links remained incredibly popular, however in the 1970s, fashion veered towards simpler tastes, with shirts primarily manufactured with buttons and button holes. A considerable amount of family heirlooms were reworked into earrings. With the arrival of the 1980s, however, people began to return to traditional masculine dressing. The surge in popularity of cuff links can be, in part, attributed to this general