Money Clips

Beautifully Engraved Money Clips

Personalised money clips are an important part of a men’s accessory collection. Engraving Excellence offers a range of money clips in a variety of styles, with something to suit every taste and personality. Money clips allow easy access to one’s paper money, and keeps it secure in your pocket without the need for large wallets, especially if you’re low on space. A money clip is also a wonderful alternative to traditional wallets as many jeans for both men and women are now leaning towards a ‘slim’ design, which largely reduces the amount of available space in the pockets.

Types of Money Clip

Money Clips - Engraving Excellence

Personalised money clips can come in a range of styles and designs, but the most common is a standard metal design which is very simple and sleek. Previously, money clips came with a chain to connect them to a button, but modern money clips often come in a standard shape, only varying in colour or accents.

Gold money clips are a wonderful gift idea for the classy man or woman in your life, and makes a great gift idea for those who are looking to add a touch of luxury to their arsenal of accessories. We also offer a silver money clip in our range for those who like a more understated look of professionalism.

What better way to wish someone financial luck than with a larger-than-normal money clip? Our large, silver-plated money clip has plenty of space for all of your loved ones cash, and, like all of our money clips, can be engraved with a name or small message of your choose to create a perfectly personal gift.

The History of Money Clips

The money clip is a relatively recent addition to the arsenal of accessories that a man or woman might carry. Paper currency was first developed in China during the seventh century during a shortage of copper; however a paper money system did not appear in Europe until around 1690, and was phased out in China shortly after it was introduced. Throughout the ages, metal has been used as a currency, including the use of bullion economies around the world, such as through Danelaw between 865 and 940 AD.

During the 1690s, England began to produce paper money to facilitate the movement of goods and services throughout the population whilst colonising and exploring the world. Due to the sheer heaviness of metal money, it was largely impractical to carry and use coins for most expeditions.

The modern money clip was patented in 1901, but the original design for the money clip featured a chain to ensure it was kept safe. In 1931, a different patent was files for a money clip without a chain, which is more akin to what we recognise today as a money clip. Before these clips were patented, most paper money was stored inside a pocket, or in change purses. In some instances, people carried their cash around with them wrapped in folded piece of fabric.

Why Choose Engraving Excellence

For personalised money clips, Engraving Excellence is your one-stop-shop. We offer a wide range of luxurious and personal engraved gifts, all engraved by our master engraver. Engraved money clips are an incredibly personal gift, and a way to stand out during any transaction, and makes your life easier as they forgo the need bulky wallets.

With speedy delivery with Royal Mail from our UK-based studio, Engraving Excellence has everything you need to mark a truly special occasion.