Compact Mirrors

Have you been looking for a present for that special woman in your life? Do you want to show her what she truly means to you with something that she will be able to keep forever?  Well, an engraved compact mirror would be an ideal gift for exactly that. In fact, there is such a huge selection of engraved mirrors to choose from that you will  definitely be able to find something that she not only loves, but will also be proud to take out of her handbag to use while out and about with her friends.   These mirrors often come in hard-wearing stainless steel in two finishes, polished or matt, with plenty of room for a touching inscription. Presents like an engraved pocket mirror will always need a little extra care to keep them looking as good as they did when new. This is because items like these can tarnish. But with just a little bit of attention, this can be prevented, which will increase the longevity of the piece. It is recommended that silver pieces are wiped clean once a week, removing all fingerprints and any other marks with a soft cloth, for instance.


Why Choose Us?

Engraving Excellence provides professional service when it comes to engraving our engraved pocket mirrors.

Each compact mirror is handled with care when engraved. Our staff precisely accommodates the text onto the engraving software, and with precision engraves the compact mirrors with a diamond drag laser.

We promise top quality and great service when it comes to engraving.

Why not make the recipient feel extra special by adding a personalised message to the compact mirror? All mirrors can be engraved with a message of your choice, for no extra cost. Your message might, for example, include: the name of your loved one, the date you met/got engaged/got married and a dedication to let them know just how special they are.

Styles and Designs

We are enthusiastic when it comes to finding the right gift.  With current trends changing regularly, our purchasing department makes sure we find best designs, which will never get out of style. We are happy to show off our wide selection of compact mirrors that are modern, minimal, and exciting.


There are many compact mirrors to choose from and there’s a mirror in just about every style you could imagine – from rectangular mirrors to our quirky handbag shaped mirror.
Prices start at just £9.95, for which you can purchase our two most unusual designs: the envelope mirror and the handbag mirror.
We are proud to offer a series of truly innovative compact mirrors. Why not purchase one of our two 3D mirrors – the 3D Crystal Compact Mirror in either blue or bronze? These eye-catching compacts have triangular faceted stones set into the surface which shimmer as they catch the light. The 3D mirrors also come with a tone-set top and patterned base and a clasp closing mechanism.

Our premium compact mirror is the £15.95 Heart Design Jewelled Square Compact Mirror. This truly luxurious product is a square compact mirror, made of the highest quality stainless steel, which is polished to a mirror shine and includes a pink heart jewel design.

Each product actually has two different mirrors inside, for example some of these products come with both a standard mirror and a mirror with double magnification.
selection of personalised compact mirrors