Key Rings

Personalised key rings are a great gift idea. Keyrings are both stylish and functional, and can be a great addition to any set of keys! Engraving Excellence offers a range of practical key rings that can be engraved with a name or a date, or even a small message, to make them even more personal.

Our line of key rings includes decorative key rings to be engraved, such as our stunning silver tab key ring for a touch of class, and to help differentiate between sets of keys in your home. If you’re looking for something with a practical use, we also offer a variety of functional key rings including our bottle opener key rings in a choice of two colours that can be engraved with a message, name or date.

We also sell a lovely retractable straw with a handy key ring case. Our personalised metal straws are great for every occasion, and are perfect for those looking to make the swap from plastic to something more sustainable.  With our key ring case, you’ll always have your straw handy for when you need it, and keep it clean from dirt and dust in the bottom of your bag or in your glovebox.

Engraved Key Rings

Hip Flask Key Rings

Hip Flask Key ring
Looking for even more gifting inspiration? Engraving Excellence offers a range of miniature engraved hip flask key rings that are perfect for nights out and on-the-go tipples!  Every miniature hip flask key ring has a 1oz capacity, perfectly suitable for one measure of any spirit, and is an incredibly popular gift for wedding parties, birthdays and special nights out.

Miniature personalised hip flask key rings are great to keep on your set of keys to ensure that you never lose your important keys, or your tipple.

All of our items are engraved with care and precision, and we take pride in adding personalised messages to every order. You can preview your chosen engraving right on our website, using our handy preview tool to ensure you get your message just right.

The History of Key Rings

Personalised key rings are a popular gift and have been used for many years for gifting, advertising, or as collectibles. Many tourist destinations offer key rings as souvenirs, or mementos to remember a specific monument or event such as a party or carnival. As a gift, a key ring can come in many different shapes and styles, and can be engraved with a message of choice.
As manufacturing improved in the 1950s and 60s, key rings became more readily available to consumers who were looking to have a fun, quirky addition to their sets of keys, and businesses looking to promote their services. Older key rings may be quite simple in their design and function, often combining a simple tag for information or a photograph and a split ring attachment. Over the years, key rings have evolved to come in all different shapes and sizes, including die cut designs for characters and mascots, and an assortment of colours.

The use of fob key rings has also increased over the years. Key rings can contain important information, or be a fashionable addition to a set of keys. Key rings can contain access information, such as a chip to unlock doors, contain a loyalty card, and even allow access to cars. For the identification of a set of keys, fob key rings are great at providing a tactile marker. Some establishments utilise large, decorative key rings to identify sets of keys that belong to a business. Places like gas stations and hotels may add an identifying key ring to prevent loss or theft,

Modern key rings are great to help prevent the loss of keys, and whilst they’re still used for advertisements, personalised key rings can be a great addition to any gifts basket, and make a thoughtful gift on their own. Key rings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and vary from the purely decorative to the functional, and mini hip flask key rings make a wonderful gift for nights out or graduation events.