A personalised steel straw or an engraved bamboo straw is a great way to be more eco-friendly in your daily life, and is a thoughtful, useful gift for every occasion! An engraved bamboo straw is also a great gift that is reusable, useful, and incredibly versatile. Our range of engraved reusable straws is the perfect way to add some personalised magic to a night out, a birthday, or just to make the transition from plastic to steel straws or bamboo. Want to protect your personalised steel straw? Engraving Excellence also offers eco-friendly straw holders that can be engraved with your name or message to ensure your reusable straw remains clean and safe whilst travelling or out and about!

Personalised reusable straws are a great alternative to single-use plastic. Single-use plastic is one of the largest contributors to the pollution of our seas, and many people are looking to make the change to a more sustainable, eco-friendly alternative such as metal and silicone.

For some people, straws are an essential part of life. They can help those with sensitive teeth or issues drinking from a mug/glass, and they are an excellent gift for anyone who is looking to make the transition to a more sustainable life.

Reusable Steel Straws

A personalised steel straw is a great gift for anyone who is eco-conscious. Our selection of reusable and personalised steel straws consists of various colours including red, rose gold, black, and classic steel. Reusable stainless steel straws are a lovely gift idea, and when engraved with a name or small message, they become incredibly sentimental, useful, and handy to have!

Our steel reusable straws come in packs of five, to ensure you always have straws to hand when you need them. They make an excellent gift for larger families, and due to our wide range of vibrant colours they are always recognisable – you’ll never use the wrong straw accidentally!

If the person you’re buying for is always on the go, we offer a useful collapsible straw, complete with a key ring case. This straw is always on hand for when you need to use it, and will not get dirty in your bag or car.

Our steel straws can be engraved with a name or message to make a truly personal gift, and each straw can have different engravings. Great for nights out, our personalised reusable straws sets are the perfect eco-friendly gift for everyone!

If you’re fond of leafy drinks such as mojitos, we offer a reusable tea straw that is absolutely perfect to ensure the leaves don’t block your straw, and you can keep on sipping. The ideal gift for family members, friends, or even yourself, our metal tea straw is durable and robust, and will certainly enhance your drinking experience.

Reusable Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Reusable Personalised Straw



A reusable, engraved bamboo straw is an excellent gift for those who can’t use stainless steel straws and would like to make the switch from plastic. Bamboo is a sustainable material that can be used for a variety of things including chopping boards, straws, and even building materials! It is highly durable and easy to clean, and is an ideal gift for special events, nights out, or birthdays.

Our personalised bamboo straws can be engraved with a name or message of your choice, which makes them a thoughtful gift for any environmentally conscious friend or family member.

Reusable Straw Cases

Engraved Wooden Straw Holder



If you’re looking to take your reusable straws out with you, it can be tempting to pop one into your bag before you leave the house. Bags can have dirt or other mess inside that can leave your straw dirty, which isn’t the greatest way to use your personalised straw! We offer a handy wooden straw case for you to store one of your favourite reusable straws in, to ensure it stays clean and ready for use. Our wooden cases for your straws can be engraved with a name or small message, so you always know it’s yours.

Why Use Engraved Reusable Straws?

Engraved Steel Tea Straw

Personalised steel straws are a great gift. They’re perfect for a range of occasions, particularly birthdays and to remember a big party. Giving the gift of a reusable straw means that you’re helping the planet, and ensuring your friends or family always have access to a straw when they need it.

Adding engraving to your straws means that your gift will never be resigned to the bottom of a draw – it will be a cherished gift used for years to come! Permanently marking your straw with a name, date, or small message means that it will also be a sentimental gift that will always remind them of you and the day that you gave them their gift.

When you order a reusable straw from Engraving Excellence, our master engraver will take care to engrave your item exactly as request, and use our years of professional experience to ensure a clean, noticeable engraving. All of our orders are dispatched with Royal Mail to ensure your order reaches you quickly, and large orders will be delivered with DPD to make sure your special gift is kept safe in transit.

Ditch the Plastic

Over 50% of all plastic contributed to our oceans has been produced since 2004. This staggering number means that our waterways are becoming dirty, and animals are being harmed. Animals such as turtles, fish, and seabirds living in polluted waters can become sick, or hurt. Plastic straws are one of the most used, and therefore the most discarded, types of plastic that there is, and these items can fatally hurt animals that try to eat them.

The plastic that the majority of straws are made from is not biodegradable. This plastic will not decompose naturally and instead will stay in our oceans for thousands of years. Even if not discarded, this type of plastic is not reusable. Straws are particularly prone to ending up in the oceans, mainly due to beach littering. Once these plastic straws are in our waters, most plastic straws will simply break down into smaller particles, which leeches harmful chemicals into the air, soil and water, which are harmful to plants, people, and animals.

A number of places and businesses have made the decision to ban plastic straws, and move to metal straws, degradable paper straws, or simply no straws at all. Some cities where straws are banned are Hawaii, Seattle, Vancouver and New York City. Even some countries like Scotland, Taiwan and England have also banned the use of single-use plastic straws as a means to fighting the pollution epidemic. Some of the other locations to ban the use of single-use plastic for UK McDonalds, The University of Portland, and, at Queen Elizabeth II’s request, Royal Gift Shops and Museums in the UK.

Stainless steel straws, an engraved bamboo straw and silicone straws are all reusable alternatives to plastic straws that can be used time and time again, and will not break easily.