Fob Watches

Our popular type of a watch is the nurse’s fob watch.   It is an ideal gift for anyone who works in the healthcare sector and is often a traditional gift given when exams are passed and the individual qualifies as a nurse, for example. A typical nurse’s fob watch is easy to read when a lot of light is not available because it will have fluorescent highlighting on the hands and dial face.


Personalised fob watches are the ideal gift for the nurse in your life. It’s a great gift idea for anyone who works in the healthcare sector, and is traditionally given when the recipient has passed their nursing exams and becomes qualified. Our range of fob watches are great to give when a loved one has entered the healthcare sector, as they are easy to read even in low light conditions due to fluorescent highlighting, a simple face, and have a secure design that will not come loose.

A personalised nurse’s fob watch is a wonderful, thoughtful idea when you’re looking to gift your loved one, to congratulate them for passing their exams. Fob watches are incredibly easy to use and an engraving with a small message or initials will be a permanent reminder of the excitement of passing their exams, and your thoughtfulness.

Styles of Engraved Nurse’s Fob Watches

Fob watches for men and women

Engraving Excellence offers personalised fob watches in a variety of styles to suit both men and women, and there is a style in our range to fit every personality!

Our Smiley Face personalised fob watch is a great fob watch for people who like to spread happiness in the work place, and is especially great for those training to become a child’s healthcare professional. The yellow face makes it even easier to read the time, and is a wonderful gift idea.

Our standard silver engraved fob watch is great for traditionalists who want an understated watch clipped to their scrubs. The sleek, minimal design is wonderful, and does not take any attention away from the rest of the outfit. When engraved, this fob watch becomes incredibly useful at showing the nurse’s name, as well as telling the time.

For a nurse who prefers gold, we offer a personalised gold fob watch that is minimal in its design with a traditional face. This particular fob watch can add a touch of luxury to any set of scrubs, whilst still being incredibly useful.

If your loved one wants to add a splash of fun to their scrubs, we also stock a lovely pink fob watch which is a great gift idea for those who love the colour pink!

When engraved, your fob watch will be a special reminder of your gift, and will make it easier for patients to read the name of their nurse. They also make an excellent collector’s item for a friend or family member who likes to collect quirky timepieces or healthcare memorabilia.

How is a Fob Watch Worn?

How is a nurse fob watch worn?

Fob watches are usually attached to the top pocket of a nurses scrubs. This helps it stay out of the way whilst still being easily accessible, and makes it easier for nurses to check the time without having to wear jewellery.

For most nurses, wearing jewellery at work is impossible. It is largely unhygienic and can introduce problems. A fob watch foregoes the need to wear a traditional watch, and is completely hands free. As they are worn on the shirt, it does not need to touch any surfaces which eliminates the risk of cross contamination, and it also adds a touch of style to any set of plain scrubs.

Traditionally, fob watches are given as a gift associated with a rite of passage from parents. They make an excellent gift, and our range consists of beautiful fob watches that are sure to put a smile on any healthcare professionals face!

The Benefits of Engraved Fob Watches

Personalised fob watches are great for a number of reasons. For many, adding an engraving is a permanent reminder of your love for a person, and it’s a long-term reminder of how proud you are of your friend or family member. Engraved fob watches can mark the transition for young nurses who are moving from home to live in a nurse’s quarters, or simply as a reminder of passing their exams.

Wearing an engraved nurse’s fob watch can also make it easier for patients to name and identify the nurses working in a hospital or other healthcare facility. They are a practical gift that has many benefits, and it also makes it much easier for the nurse to be able to tell the time, even in low lighting conditions. Both functional and decorative, personalised fob watches are a wonderful gift idea for any occasion.

Fob watches are highly sought after for their function and fashion, and make an excellent addition to any collection of watches.

Engraved by Engraving Excellence

Engraving Excellence offers free engraving across our entire range, and we are proud to add a touch of personalised magic to every event. Our personalised nurses fob watches are an ideal gift, and we carefully engrave your order to ensure that the engraving is perfect.

All orders are dispatched through Royal Mail for speedy delivery and to ensure your items reach you quickly and in good condition.