Beautifully Engraved Jewellery

Personalised jewellery is the perfect gift for men and women looking for a touch of sparkle in their daily lives. Engraving Excellence offers personalised jewellery in a range of styles, colours and designs that are perfect for every personality. Jewellery is a universal way of showing off your unique style, and for centuries, it has been used as a way to express thanks, or love, as a personalised gift.

Engraved jewellery is an ideal gift for a wide range of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and other special occasions. There is a style of personalised jewellery for every style and fashion, and Engraving Excellence offers personalised jewellery in a range of designs and metals. If you’re looking for affordable jewellery gift inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite jewellery below!

Engraved Bracelets

For a wearable gift that can be worn every day, our personalised bracelets are perfect. Engraving Excellence offers a range of bracelets for both men in women, in metal and leather styles. Our wide range of engraved bracelets comprises of many different styles and designs, with something to suit every taste and trend. We offer timeless designs and fashionable jewellery at affordable prices that make the ideal gift for a range of occasions.

Engraved Bracelets for Men

Engraved Bracelets for Men

Our curb chain bracelet with an ID tag has space for a name, date, or any other important information, which makes this a truly personalised gift for a jewellery lover. The space on our ID tag bracelets is enough to contain some information and can also be used in place of traditional identification bracelets for medical conditions, making it a stylish alternative.

For the man who loves to be on-trend, we offer a selection of beautiful leather bracelets, featuring a braided leather band and metal clasp. Our selection of leather bracelets come in both real leather and PU leather to suit your needs, and come in different styles colours.

Engraved Bracelets for Women

Engraved women's bracelets

We also offer a delicate cuff bracelet for women, featuring a Venetian link chain and thin cuff bar to personalise with a name or a date of significance, ideal for the special women in your life. Our stunning silver Venetian link bracelet for women is perfect for a range of events including birthdays and anniversaries.

For something classic to show your love, we have a range of other personalised women’s bracelets including our heart-shaped chain bracelet. This bracelet is silver, and reminiscent of classic jewellery trends and iconic design pieces at an affordable price. A gorgeous heart-shaped bracelet is perfect for anniversaries and birthdays, and makes a wonderful stocking filler.

Personalised Necklaces

Engraved Women's Necklaces

Engraved necklace are a great gift for any occasion. Our beautiful, minimalist bar necklaces can be engraved with a name or date, and are the perfect way to commemorate a special event. A personalised necklace is an unforgettable gift, and is an incredibly personal way to say congratulations, or thanks.

Whilst our minimalist bar necklace is great for the minimalist lover in your life, we also offer a heart-shaped cut out bar necklace in a wide range of colours. Both of our bar necklaces come in multiple colours from trendy rose gold and rainbow to timeless gold and silver. Our heart-shaped bar necklace is the ideal gift for that special woman in your life, and is a wonderful personalised anniversary gift for women.

Necklaces of many styles and designs have been popular as a gift for centuries. Some of the earliest pieces of jewellery that have survived to this day are necklaces and neck adornments in a myriad of styles that once denoted status, or were believed to provide benefits to the wearer.

Hip Flask Jewellery

Who said jewellery has to be decorative and not useful? Engraving Excellence offers a range of personalised jewellery, and we also offer functional hip flask jewellery. Hip flask bangles are a great gift for anyone who loves to look fun and stylish whilst sipping their favourite tipple. Personalised hip flask bangles come in three different colours to suit any outfit, including rose gold, black, and rainbow, and are large enough to fit around most people’s wrists. They’re a glamorous addition to any hip flask collection or any bangle collection and truly make a wonderful gift for the person that has everything.

If you’re looking for even more personalised hip flask inspiration, then we also offer a wide range of hip flasks in multiple styles and a selection of mini hip flask key rings so you can give the gift of on-the-go tipples for any occasion. You can view our full range of hip flasks here, and our selection of miniature hip flask key rings here.

The Benefits of Engraved Jewellery

Engraved jewellery is massively popular, and for a good reason. A personalised piece of jewellery will always be cherished, and shows commitment and thoughtfulness from the gift giver. Engraved jewellery such as personalised rings and personalised necklaces make a wonderful gift for both men and women, and over the years, personalised jewellery has evolved from pricey intaglio jewellery to classy necklaces and bracelets featuring names, dates, or other small messages.

An engraved necklace or personalised bracelet is a thoughtful gift, and the true value of your gift doesn’t lie in the item itself, but rather in the engraving. The engraving will serve as a permanent reminder of a special event, an important date (such as a wedding date, birthday etc), or simply the name of your loved one.

Engraved jewellery is much harder to lose due to the special significance that a personalised piece has with its wearer, and when a piece is engraved it becomes much more than just a piece of jewellery. Instead of a simple necklace, ring or bracelet, engraved jewellery becomes a memory, an emotion: it becomes far more valuable to the recipient.

The History of Jewellery

Jewellery has been an important aspect of culture for centuries. In most archaeological digs, jewellery has been an important find. Personalised jewellery is something that has existed since the dawn of time, too, with people using jewellery in all styles and designs to denote status, wealth, or to offer protection. Over the years, trends have come and gone with different eras bringing about changes to preferred jewellery design, and the metals and gems of which to create jewellery from.

In the Ancient world, and even today, gold is a valued metal that jewellery can be made from, and a lot of surviving antique jewellery is either made from gold, or, at some point in time, was embellished with gold. Though gold might be a preferred metal for jewellery, silver, iron and bronze have all also been used for jewellery throughout the ages. During the Viking era, hammered silver and iron were used extensively on armour and for necklaces and collars that were often impressed with shapes/patterns. These pieces of jewellery still survive today, and were used to show status amongst peers, and protect against bad luck.

Religion has also played a part in influencing the design and styles of jewellery. In most pieces of classic jewellery, we can see some form of religious symbolism, in particular in jewellery from the Middle Ages and the Tudor period. Ornate crosses and intricate Biblical designs were favoured amongst the elite, and were often used to show status.

Gemstones also come in and out of fashion over the years, too, but the cut of the stone often changes more than the actual gems themselves. In the Middle Ages, highly polished stones were often used for ‘scrying’ and for magnification. These gems were frequently set in gold and attached to a necklace or ring. As the time went on, the preferred gems for jewellery evolved from cabochon gems which were shaped and polished, to multi-faceted gems that sparkle under candle-light and the sunshine. Polished gemstones have been a popular choice for jewellery for many years, however during the rise of machinery and the Industrial Revolution, cut gemstones, rather than polished, saw a surge in popularity due to their sparkle.

With the rise of machine-cut jewellery came a movement to return to traditional jewellery crafting. Based upon a profound unease regarding the machine-led production of affordable jewellery, jewellers began to return to traditional methods, preferring cabochon gems over multi-faceted designs.

In modern days, jewellery comes in a wide variety of designs and styles. Whilst antique jewellery is still available to purchase, contemporary designs are often preferred due to the sheer diversity in styles. Minimalist jewellery is incredibly popular these days, and minimal bar necklaces and slinky snake chains and Venetian links are highly demanded for modern jewellery designs.