Wedding Gifts

Add a touch of personalised magic to your special day with our curated personalised wedding gifts collection from Engraving Excellence. Our collection of wedding gifts has been handpicked to include a wide variety of gifts for every theme and personality, and we stock a variety of personalised gifts to truly commemorate your big day in style.

Need engraved wedding gifts inspiration? We’ve selected some of our favourite personalised wedding gifts below, so you can start your search for the perfect gift.

Personalised Hip Flasks

Hip flasks are a gift that has stood the test of time, and our range of engraved hip flasks has something for everyone. Calm your nerves with our hand-made 4oz pewter hip flask, engraved with a date, a name or a quote, or treat your bridal party to an after-party tipple with personalised stainless steel hip flasks, complete with a hot foil printed gift box.

If you want to make your gift extra special, consider opting for an engraved hip flask as part of a gift set. We offer a wide choice when it comes to beautiful gift sets, including extra luxurious gift sets that include an engraved hip flask with a mirror finish, a funnel, pen, key ring, and cups – everything you need to give a truly memorable gift.

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to our collection of hip flask gift sets, and each one is beautifully encased within a gift box to make your gift more meaningful.

Traditionally, hip flasks have been giving for milestone birthdays, but more recently have become incredibly popular gifts for giving on your wedding day, or at bridal showers and hen parties, or even at stag dos to commemorate the evening. Personalised hip flasks can add a touch of fun to any wedding, and can truly make your bridal party stand out, or make your groom feel extra special. As a gift, it’s something that will truly last a lifetime, and our range comes in a wide range of sizes to make sure you have enough of your favourite liquor to get you through the day.

Pewter Hip Flasks

Pewter Hip Flask

Our line of pewter hip flasks are hand-made in the UK, by master craftsmen. Pewter is a reliable metal to make a hip flask out of, and requires minimal care to keep it clean. For a touch of luxury on your wedding day, opt for our beautiful pewter hip flasks, which do not rust, and will last a life-time if cared for properly.

Pewter is a material of which hip flasks have been crafted from for many years, and the soft metal has a gorgeous shine under light. When engraved, these personalised pewter hip flasks are immensely valuable to the owner, and make a wonderful wedding gift! 

Pocket Watches

Pocket Watch - The perfect wedding favour gift

Our range of pocket watches features a wide variety of styles and colours, perfect for your wedding day. Our timeless pocket watches collection can be engraved with a date or a name, and come with a hot foil printed gift box to make a memorable display piece and extra special gift.

Pocket watches are a quintessentially classic gift for men that has been used in place of a watch for hundreds of years. Personalised pocket watches are a thoughtful gift that will be cherished for a life time, and our collection has a style to suit everyone.

Our range of engraved pocket watches is the ideal gift for your groom, and can be worn with his formal wedding outfit to accompany him throughout the day. After the big day, it can be used time and time again as a sophisticated timepiece, or displayed proudly as a reminder of your wedding day.

All of our personalised pocket watches come with a matching chain, and is a gorgeous way to remind your partner of the time and date to meet you at the altar, or simply to engrave a personal message.

Personalised Photo Frames

Engraved Wedding Photo Frame


A memory can be immortalised with a photograph, so why not frame a photo of your special day with an engraved photo frame from Engraving Excellence? Our photo frames are carefully engraved by our master engraver and are perfect to commemorate any special occasion, especially a wedding.

Our silver photo frames are a lovely gift for your bride or groom, and make a wonderful gift for the happy couple to begin their new lives together. They look exceptionally elegant when placed on a shelf or table, and blend in with almost any interior design. Coming in multiple sizes, our selection of stunning personalised photo frames will be appreciated for years to come, and fit your photographs perfectly.

Why Choose Engraved Wedding Gifts?

Engraved wedding gifts are a wonderful idea for many reasons. As more and more people ditch the idea of what a traditional wedding should be, and opt to add their own unique flair to their special day, a personalised gift can show a reflection of the couple’s personalities. Personalised wedding gifts are more intimate than a regular item that anyone could be, and the engraving makes it a sentimental gift that will be loved and cared for, for years to come.

If you are looking for personalised wedding gifts for your husband-to-be, a romantic gift on the day of, or the day after, your wedding is a great idea to really show him that you care. A personalised pocket watch is a great idea to gift to your groom, and he can wear it at the altar whilst he prepares himself to see you. Giving the gift of a personalised hip flask is also a wonderful idea, and can help ease his nerves on the big day with his favourite tipple.

For the grooms, buying your bride-to-be a gift is a thoughtful idea, too. Whether you already live together or are planning to buy your first home, buying a sterling silver engraved photo frame for your loved one is a great idea, and will be one of the first items in your home bought as a married couple. Another great idea is a personalised hip flask in her favourite colour.

Personalised wedding gifts are also wonderful to add to bags of wedding favours, hand out on the big day to all of your guests, or offer one to your bridal party! Whilst most brides opt to have personalised robes or slippers for their bridal party, an engraved hip flask is a fun alternative that is sure to add a bit of extra special magic to your party. An engraved hip flask can be your drinking companion throughout the night, no matter what hen night fun you have planned, and can keep your crew in stock of their favourite liquor. Unlike personalised robes and slippers, a personalised hip flask can be taken out with you on the evening (our fun miniature hip flask key rings are a great idea for a discreet stash of your favourite tipple) and will be a reminder of the fun leading up to the big day. Our range of personalised wedding hip flasks can be used for years to come, and are far more practical than other bridal party ideas.

The History of Wedding Gifts

Weddings have a long history with gifts, though it wasn’t always the case that guests gave gifts to the happy couple! It’s thought that the notion of a wedding gift comes from the concept of a ‘dowry’, which was a price paid to the family of the groom. Over the years, it has become more and more common for couples to have a gifts registry, to help guide their guests in picking out a gift they’ll truly love. It’s also incredibly common for a person to buy a gift for their partner, to give to them before, or on the morning of, their wedding day. These gifts vary depending upon the couple, but engraved wedding gifts are a highly thoughtful and wonderfully personal gift idea. Though a lot of couples opt to have a gifts registry, it’s not uncommon for guests to skip the registry entirely and give a far more intimate, personal gift such as an engraved necklace or house ware.

The modern concept of wedding gifts can perhaps be traced back to the 1890s, and is a rather recent addition to weddings. With more and more couples beginning to live together before marriage, most people often forego the traditional gifts of linen and kitchenware in favour of more unique gifts. Personalised weddings gifts are incredibly popular with young couples due to their emotional significance, and many brides and grooms often buy one another gifts on their wedding day, as a sign of love and commitment.