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Beautifully Engraved Photo Frames

Personalised photo frames are an ideal gift for housewarming parties, weddings, anniversaries and more. Engraving Excellence offers a range of photo frames in multiple sizes that are the perfect gift for a range of occasions.

Personalised Silver Photo Frames

Engraved Photo Frame


Favourite photographs deserve to be mounted in a beautiful frame! Decorative and protective, engraved photo frames are an excellent gift to help loved ones preserve their photographs of cherished memories.

Our personalised photo frames are engraved to a high standard to ensure that they are always loved by the owner.

Great for storing photos of your wedding day, memorable holidays or even christening photographs, our high-quality personalised photo frames are a wonderful gift idea. On our engraved photo frames, you can have a name, date, message or anything else engraved.  We offer photo frames in different sizes to ensure there is a size to fit all of your treasured memories, so you can proudly display your snaps in your home.

Why Choose Engraved Photo Frames?

Housewarming gift - Personalised silver photo frames


An engraved photo frame is the perfect gift to offer to a loved one for Christmas, birthdays, baptisms and more! Photo frames protect the photographs inside from damage and dirt, and are also make a beautiful centre piece for a mantle, table, desk, or anywhere else in the home.

Adding an engraved message to your photo frame makes the item even more personal, and is a gift that will be cherished for years to come by the recipient. When engraved, your loved one will always be reminded of your relationship, or of a special event, whenever they see the frame.

Precise Engraving from Engraving Excellence

Engraved Photo Frame


Engraving Excellence offers a wide range of gifts, and we pride ourselves on offering excellent customisation to add a little bit of personalised magic to your daily life.

All of your orders will be engraved carefully by our master engraver. We used computerised engraving machines to ensure a crisp, clean engraving on each item. Even when multiple items are ordered, the quality of the engraving will be consistent across every item to ensure your personalised goodies are the perfect gift, no matter what the occasion.

When you place an order with Engraving Excellence, we will take care to produce only the finest engraving, and all orders are dispatched with Royal Mail to ensure that your gifts reach you quickly and on time for your event.

The History of Photo Frames

It is thought that the earliest photo frames were those that surrounded mummy portraits in Ancient Egypt. The frames may have been used to hang a portrait of the owner until the time of death in the home, and then it might have been placed over the mummy. Another theory regarding the origin of photo Frames is that the portraits were painted close to death, and carried around the city.

Frame borders in ancient art were used to divide scenes and provide elegant ornamentation by the ancient artists who worked primarily with pottery and wall paintings. The first carved wooden frames as we know them today appeared originally on small panel paintings, in both the 12th and 13th centuries in Europe. These early framed panel paintings were often made from one piece, and the area to be painted was carved out, leaving a raised order around the outside edge of the work like a tray. The whole piece would then be gessoed and then gilded – painting the image on a flat panel was usually the last thing to be done.

Intricate photo frames as we know them today may trace their origins back to the 14th century, where the majority of photo frames throughout Europe were commissioned by the Church. These frames were often created as part of altars, and would have been a permanent fixture of the architecture. These ornamental frames often mimicked the exteriors of the great cathedrals, and were largely unmoveable. During the Italian Renaissance, arts patrons expanded and wealthy nobles such as the Medici family commissioned art pieces with intricate frames made of a variety of materials including gold. Under the reign of Francis I, art became a daily pastime and came to the forefront of daily life.

Ornate frames such as the ones commissioned by European nobility were perhaps the first form of portable photo frames, and made way for what we now use commonly as frames. Though modern photo frames are often quite minimal in their design and structure, ornate photo frames are still available to purchase new and used.