Gifts for Him

Personalised engraved gifts for him are a wonderful way to give the gift of personalisation for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and more. Our selection of engraved gifts for men comprises of engraved hip flasks, pocket watches, personalised men's jewellery and more.

Our curated list of personalised engraved gifts for him is the perfect place to discover iconic and trendy engraved gifts for men. Whether it’s a birthday, a special event, or a gift just ‘because’, our range is your one-stop-shop for all beautifully personalised men’s gifts. All of our items are engraved in-house by our master engraver, and we strive to create perfectly personalised gifts. Looking for inspiration? Read about some of our favourite gifts for men below.

Hip Flasks

Looking for personalised hip flasks? Engraved by our master engraver and delivered with care, our hip flasks are perfect for the man in your life that’s passionate about his favourite tipple. We offer a wide selection of beautiful hip flasks in various designs and styles to fit every personality, including leather hip flasks, jerry can hip flasks and traditional pewter hip flasks.

Personalised hip flasks have been traditionally given for birthdays, anniversaries and

Personalised engraving gifts for him such as engraved hip flasks

other milestone events. They make a great graduation gift, and can be engraved with any message to create a perfectly personal gift. Our line of hip flasks can come with a gift box to ensure it’s a memorable, display-worthy item, and our gift boxes come in a dizzying array of colours including red, blue, black, and gold.

An engraved hip flask is a gift that is both functional and decorative. When engraved with a personal message, your gift recipient will always have a reminder of the special occasion or your message (whether it’s a small paragraph to celebrate your anniversary, or a permanent reminder of a nickname, for example). Our hip flasks are durable and come in multiple sizes, including small sizes that are perfect for keeping stashed away in a pocket, on a set of keys, or in a bag. Our large hip flasks are also great for taking away on trips, big nights out and stag dos.

If the recipient prefers to display their hip flask, rather than use it, our hot-foil printed gift boxes can create the perfect display companion. Embossed with a set message in gold or silver foil, it creates an attractive talking point and we offer a range of embossed messages for birthdays, weddings, and to say thank you.

Personalised Business Card Holders

For the business man in your life, a good quality business card holder is essential. Engraving Excellence offers an assortment of card holders in an array of styles. Our traditional steel business card holder is a timeless accessory, and our gold plated business card holder is perfect for a little touch of luxury in your life.

Personalised business card holders are a wonderful engraved gift for men. They are always in

Personalised engraved gifts for him such as engraved business card holders for men

demand, and our engraved business card holders can add a touch of class and fun to any meeting. Traditionally, the act of giving a business card was seen as a very serious occasion. Business cards were originally used as a calling card, signalling the arrival of guests or even royalty. Later on, business cards became what we now know – a card to advertise merchandise or services. Now, the act of giving a business card is much less formal and they can be exchanged during meetings and conferences, after meeting someone for the first time, or even at interviews. Business cards are no longer confined to rectangular pieces of paper with a name and some information, today, they can be fun, colourful and different styles to better represent your business.

Making sure your loved one or good friend has a high quality, personalised business card holder ensures that even during casual settings, their business cards remain crisp, not ripped, and perfectly ready to hand over to a potential business partner.

Not only is a personalised business card holder highly functional, it’s also a great reminder of a special event, and makes a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, work-related milestones and more!

Pocket Watches

Personalised engraved gifts for him such as engraved pocket watches

A truly iconic gift, engraved pocket watches have stood the test of time and remain a

thoughtful, genuine gift for any man, especially for milestone birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Our pocket watches come in a range of styles to suit every event, and can be personalised with names, dates, or even the time to meet his bride at the altar.

Traditionally, pocket watches have been given as a wedding gift, or for milestone birthdays. They have seen resurgence in mainstream fashion due to their sophistication and usefulness, and an engraved pocket watch is at the height of classy accessorising. More than just a watch, a pocket watch can become a family heirloom, a constant accessory, or simply a display piece. We offer gift boxes for our line of pocket watches which makes them perfect for placing on a shelf, desk, or bookcase when not being worn.

Personalised Lighters

Engraved lighters suitable for personalised engraved gifts for him

A personalised lighter is a great engraved gift for men, a collector or someone who uses lighters frequently. Whilst disposable lighters often get misplaced, lost, or forgotten about at the bottom of a bag or draw, an engraved lighter is something that will be cherished for years! Our selection of engraved lighters includes steel and brass lighters with a traditional design that come in a wide range of colours to suit any man’s tastes. For the tech-lover or fashionable gentleman, we also offer a selection of rechargeable USB lighters, in multiple colours and styles.

Our eco-friendly, personalised USB lighters are a great gift and is certainly not a gift that will be lost easily. All of our rechargeable lighters can be charged via any standard USB port, such as in a wall port, a carport, or a laptop port, so they’re easy to use, long lasting, and ready to ignite when needed.


Personalised Men’s Jewellery

For a traditional gift, we offer a selection of engraved jewellery for men which can be personalised with a name, message, or date. Anniversaries and birthdays are the ideal time to give jewellery as a gift, and we offer a range of styles to suit every fashionable need! Our curb chain ID bracelets are ideal for engraving a name or date, or can be used as a stylish medical ID tag, that can blend in with any outfit.

Our leather bracelets are incredibly stylish, and are an ideal gift idea for the man who loves nature or loves to stay on-trend and fashionable. Much like our curb ID bracelets, they can be engraved with any small message or name to mark any special occasion.

Personalised engraved gifts for him such as engraved men's jewellery

For an exceptionally special occasion like a wedding, giving cuff links as a gift may be a great idea. Cuff links are an essential part of any man’s accessory arsenal, and personalised cuff links can be engraved with an initial or small date to commemorate your big day in style.

Cuff links are also an ideal gift for milestone birthdays, or for graduations. Due to the importance of quality cuff links in a man’s formalwear, it’s incredibly thoughtful to give someone personalised cuff links when they reach eighteen or graduate from university. Much like a hip flask, a pair of cuff links can celebrate a milestone in someone’s life, and will be a personal reminder of the event.

We offer cuff links in a wide range of styles and colours, including round, square and rectangular, and in gold, silver, black, and even stylish rose gold. Our range has the perfect set for any style and personality, and our engraving ensures a clean marking on every item, even on items as small as cuff links.

Why choose Engraving Excellence?

Engraving Excellence is a UK-based engraver in the West Midlands. We pride ourselves on high craftsmanship and quality engraving services to ensure that your gift is perfectly personalised. Our master engraver uses computerised machinery to engrave all orders, and ensures that the marking is correctly positioned and engraved before your order is sent out. All orders are dispatched with Royal Mail (or DPD for large orders) for quick delivery in the UK and abroad.

We’re constantly refreshing our range with new items, both trendy and timeless, to ensure you have the perfect gift for your loved ones, or even as a small pick-me-up for yourself! Our range is highly varied, and we offer a little something for every taste and style in our collection. From men’s personalised jewellery to men’s engraved pocket watches, the perfect gift is just waiting for you to pick it out.

 If you’re looking for engraved gifts for men, we hope that you’ve found some serious inspiration in our collection, and we’re always available to discuss your order. You can contact us by e-mail or telephone.