A Guide to British Gifts

A guide to British gifts


Britain has long been known for the high quality of innovation and manufacturing that has led to a magnificent range of gifts being available for customers who love to explore bold, modern new products, as well as the iconic traditional gifts that bring that slice of British life into the home.


England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are countries with long and rich heritages and they act like magnets for visitors from around the world. Each country's heritage is unique and throughout Britain there are artisans with flair and imagination bringing high calibre gifts that will give recipients pleasure for years to come.


The London connection


For those visiting Britain, London is often the starting point and its history and instantly recognisable landmarks have given rise to the making of many classic gifts. The simple lines of red bus and black taxi models are popular with children, and architectural marvels such as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and St Paul's Cathedral are frequently found depicted on mugs, tea towels and wall stickers.


London's skyline has burgeoned with thrusting new buildings, and images that include the Gherkin and the Shard, not to mention the London Eye, have become part of the decoration of gifts.


Gifts for occasions


One of the delights of exploring British gifts is in matching them to a special occasion. Novelty gifts, such as a policeman's helmet or a mini Tower of London are fun, but there are many gift opportunities for when something much more special needs to be found.


A hip flask is an ideal present for someone who is out and about in the countryside or town who enjoys a little tipple now and again. The tipple doesn't have to be alcoholic but sometimes it can be more fun if it is! Perhaps a wee dram of Scotch whisky would be the ideal accompaniment for a beautiful, leather-bound flask. They are good for coming of age events as well; a welcome into the world of adulthood.


A special touch would be having the recipient's name engraved into the hip flask, or perhaps an appropriate symbol such as a Welsh dragon or a Scottish flag. Engravers can carry out special commissions so a gift can really become something unique.


When it comes to weddings or special anniversaries, a set of wine glasses will always be appreciated. There is such a wide choice, from glasses designed for white or red wine or champagne, and there are so many different shapes and sizes that gift givers can be spoilt for choice. Glasses can be appropriately engraved as well.


For a significant birthday a treasured gift could be a personalised pocket watch, adding a touch of costume drama style. Pocket watches come in several different styles, and the most appropriate should be considered before purchase. An open-face watch means the time can be read without having to open a cover, whereas a full-hunter may be ornately designed on the front and have to be opened before the time can be read. A half-hunter may still have a beautiful design but there is an aperture to enable the time to be read without opening it.

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