Why you should consider lower budget gifts

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Everyone everywhere is doing the same thing. Hunts for a small gift whether it's for friends, colleagues or your neighbour's birthday, you want to make sure you don't go empty-handed.

I'm going to take you through stages why you don't always have to go extravagant when buying gifts, and how you can gift someone, something special on a low budget. 

First of all, who said that buying expensive gifts is a compulsory thing. You buy things because you want to. You buy things because that person is special to you, you buy things because you want to replenish their significant day by remembering what occasion it is. It's the thought that counts. Of course, I'm not saying that lower budget = lower ugly quality gift. I'm saying you can honour someone without spending hundreds of pounds on something worth the same value.


1.  Gifts on a budget, actually have more sense. What happens when a bought gift for £400 is no good to the recipient for many reasons? Disappointment happens, sadness; that so much money was spent on an item the person doesn't even like. You can avoid unnecessary rage when your budget is £25. 

2. Lower budget doesn't mean the product is insignificant. With businesses like ours, we create significance, we add words that mean a lot. Take a look at this bracelet. It's nice and elegant but besides that, it may be worthless. However, when you personalise this bracelet for your dad's 50th birthday, all of a sudden it becomes personal and worth keeping! Engraved gifts are the solution. 

3. The littlest items are the most important. Let's have a narrative of your neighbour always losing money. A small gift such as a money clip can prevent your neighbour from losing money again and can bring so much happiness, just because of the thought. It's really the thought that counts.


I hope after reading this guide, you have changed your mind about lower budget gifts. They don't always mean; tacky, cheap, low-quality and the rest of negative assumptions. It's really about the gesture and YOUR effort that you have made! 




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