The Top Four Engraved Gifts For Boyfriend, Husband or Dad

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Buying for those special men in your life can be really tough, but there are ways to gift something to them which is personalised and thoughtful, but that is also practical and useful. We list four of the best engraved gifts for boyfriend, husband or dad.

Whiskey is a perennial favourite of many men. While buying them a bottle of whiskey may be appreciated, this won't last forever and won't necessarily be a special present. However, engraved hip flasks and whiskey tumblers can be a great way to remind a special man in your life that you care about him. That way, bottle after bottle, year after year, they'll be reminded of you every time they pour a wee dram. You can find hip flasks in many different durable materials such as pewter and stainless steel. Other great personalised engraved gifts for him are lighters. Whether its cigarettes or cigars that take their fancy, a quality lighter is always required. Every time they stop to have a smoke, they'll see a special message engraved on the lighter's body. Lighters are also very handy to have in social situations. And when borrowing a lighter to someone, they're likely to be asked by that person about who gave them the lighter – ensuring that you're never far from your loved one's thoughts. But for non-smokers, lighters can also be useful utility tools – especially on a dark night when a fuse has blown. Even in that unwelcome situation, they'll be thanking you from afar. There's no doubt that lighters make great engraved gifts for boyfriend, husband or dad.


Another terrific option when gift buying for men is an engraved pocket watch. While largely replaced by wrist watches and phones as utilities, the pocket watch has experienced somewhat of a resurgence thanks to its undeniable charm. Not only do they make for terrific keepsakes, but there's also a certain durability to owning a pocket watch that has been engraved. In fact, it could even go onto being an important family heirloom! But pocket watches are undoubtedly one of the best engraved gift ideas for men. Last, but not least, on our list of the top four engraved gifts for men are bracelets. While perhaps not traditionally associated with men, bracelets have become an extremely popular and attractive accessory for men. Men's bracelets are incredibly well suited to receiving engraved messages as many come with a stainless steel plaque on a leather strap that is ready to be engraved. Straps, however, also come in stainless steel and there are many different clasps that can be bought to suit a particular man's style. These are four of the top engraved gifts that you can buy for a special man in your life. But there are also other great options such as money clips, business card holders and more.


So if you've been struggling to find the right gifts for the men in your life, definitely consider looking towards thoughtful, durable engraved gifts for boyfriend, husband or dad. They'll appreciate both the thoughtfulness and the practicality of your gift.


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