Engraving News — Christmas Gifts

Unsure how to gift your loved ones for Christmas?

Mark Nogula Christmas Gifts engraved gifts gift for him Gifts for her personalised gifts

Finding the right Christmas for your family or a best friend can be painful. Now, everyone owns everything. It’s 2019, and we are surrounded by technology, weird gadgets, and meaningless plastic toys. It’s really hard to find something practical, yet everlasting. I have recently started this new job, at Engraving Excellence. And let me tell you something, I have never come across so many personalised gifts, in my entire life. Here, it’s like a maze filled up with stainless steel gifts. I feel like I can replenish all of the products with anything, I mean anything you could imagine. Want...

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Benefits of owning a Hip Flask

Mark Nogula Christmas Gifts engraved gifts gift for him Gifts for her hip flask Night Out's personalised gifts

My partner and I were given ‘his and hers’ hip flasks engraved with our names for Christmas, and although we were pleased to receive them, I little thought how useful they could be. I regularly get invited out on girl’s nights out and am always happy to go, but the price of drinks in the city centre pubs and night clubs always makes me wince. Recently two of our friends announced they were getting married, and they invited both my partner and me out on the respective stag and hen nights. So, for their first outing, our hip flasks were filled with...

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Dad Engraved Gifts Ideas

Mark Nogula Christmas Gifts engraved gifts Father's Day gift for him personalised gifts

  Are you looking for dad engraved gifts? Buying engraved gifts for dad can be tricky. With every Christmas or Father’s Day that comes by, it becomes more challenging to find the perfect engraved gift. But, don’t worry, we have some great suggestions to give you a helping hand. Read on to discover more.   There is no denying that engraved gifts are a great idea when looking for a present for someone you love. Engraved messages turn an ordinary gift into a special one. You can opt for a loving quote, or you can even choose something funny. The...

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Engraved Compact Mirror Gift – Looking For A Unique Gift?

Mark Nogula Christmas Gifts Compact Mirror engraved gifts Gifts for her personalised gifts

Engraved Compact Mirror Gift – Looking For A Unique Gift? Are you looking for a gift for a lovely lady? Perhaps your sister’s birthday is coming up? Maybe one of your colleagues has just secured their dream promotion? Or, perhaps you are looking for Christmas presents for your girlfriend? No matter what applies, one option to consider is an engraved compact mirror gift.   Every woman needs a compact mirror. We need to make sure we haven’t got lipstick on our teeth throughout the day, or that we haven’t smudged our mascara! Thus, an engraved compact mirror is certainly something that is...

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