Unsure how to gift your loved ones for Christmas?

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Finding the right Christmas for your family or a best friend can be painful. Now, everyone owns everything. It’s 2019, and we are surrounded by technology, weird gadgets, and meaningless plastic toys. It’s really hard to find something practical, yet everlasting.

I have recently started this new job, at Engraving Excellence. And let me tell you something, I have never come across so many personalised gifts, in my entire life. Here, it’s like a maze filled up with stainless steel gifts.

I feel like I can replenish all of the products with anything, I mean anything you could imagine. Want to create a funny hip flask for your bestie? Just wack some funny text and you can joke around for years about this one meaningful event, line or, whatever you meant.

Want to gift your dad, for the great person he is? Personalise some meaningful text on a lighter, bottle opener or a hip flask. Honestly, I had never been so relieved to be working in such place.

Recently, my friend whom I haven’t seen for a while invited me to a birthday meal. Of course, people change over time so I needed to think of a quick gift that will be used by her, or at least cherished. Of course, me being in the right place I had many options to choose from, and because one thing that signified our friendship was when we both were at university. We smoked an endless amount of cigarettes while studying, and of course, what’s the first thing that’s going to come across my mind? Of course, an electric lighter! Having it personalised with her name just made it an instant bonus.


It’s about the memories, where you can pass the significance onto an object. I look at those products like old photographs. When you look at your old photographs, you remember the significant event that occurred, the place where you left a magical amount of memory, the people you knew, etc. Giving a validation to a product, that will last years to come is a true keepsake, at least to me. And I think Christmas is about sharing love and memories with your loved ones!


Here’s my little guide for best gift ideas for Christmas.

  1. Electric Arc Lighter. It’s a shockingly innovative gift, trust me on that!
  2. Whisky Ice Cube Set. Surely, the man in your life will cherish every sip of that cold whisky!
  3. Pocket watch. They say “Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.” Great gift for your grandfather, dad or as a wedding favour.
  4. Hip flask. A traditional gift, whether it’s for a male or a female. Pretty sure you have a colleague who likes Gin, especially during Christmas. Check out our gold and silver hot foil printed Christmas box lids.
  5. Compact Mirror. Surely any lady in your family needs a compact mirror, whether it’s to apply lipstick, apply eye contacts or simply fix your hair. It’s an essential! You could maybe engrave a body-positive message or a motivational quote, and inspire women to be, who they aspire to be.

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