What Are The Best Engraved Wedding Gifts?

You've responded to the RVSP, you've got the right place, time and date sorted and you've got your suit and dress ready; but what about the wedding gift? So many people attending weddings feel the stress of trying to work out what to buy for the newly weds. Engraved gifts, however, are always a classic wedding gift idea. But is, for example, an engraved pocket watch wedding gift best or something else?


The reason we mention an engraved pocket watch wedding gift as an idea is because it’s a wonderful item to receive. Think about it: couples want to preserve as much of the day as possible. Wedding photographers are hired, mementos (such as the cake topper) are held onto, and clothes from the wedding (such as the dress of a bride) are stored away in lofts. Obviously those couples can't go back to that time and place, so it's understandable that they want to hold onto physical memories of that time and place where they were joined. And what better symbolises that feeling than an engraved silver pocket watch complete with the time and date of the day of the wedding? They can store your memento alongside the others. When it comes to turning back the clock on an anniversary years from now, they will always have that personal memento that you had engraved on the watch. And for an extra special gift idea, you could even stop the clock at the exact time the couple were joined in union – making this even more of a unique gift.


Uniqueness, however, is not something that needs to be exclusive to engraved pocket watches. For those couples who love a good drink and adventure, why not buy engraved hip flasks for the newly weds? This is a really unique and lovely gift idea for those couples who like to be adventurous and go camping. It's not unusual today for couples to go camping on their honeymoon. A hip flask (engraved with a special message) that they can share is a great little idea for a gift. Lastly, why not go with a classic – the engraved photo frame. As we said, a photographer is a ubiquitous fixture when it comes to weddings and it's a safe bet that the couple will be getting some wedding photos. Therefore, a frame engraved with the names of the couple or with a sweet personalised message, can be a very appreciated wedding gift that also displays a lot of forethought. As you can see, there are a number of great ideas when it comes to buying gifts and having them engraved.


But an engraved pocket watch wedding gift isn't the only idea, of course – nor are engraved hip flasks or photo frames. There are many different, unique items that can be engraved with personalised messages for the newly weds – such as trinket boxes, mirrors, wine stoppers, necklaces and cufflinks. You really cannot go wrong with an engraved gift for any occasion.

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